Can the NRA and gun owners rally for Trump?

The NRA has been somewhat reluctant to fall in line behind a Republican presidential candidate offering instead tepid endorsements of Donald Trump prior to his emergence as the party’s front-runner. On Friday, NRA membership was host to Trump who was making his first serious efforts at rallying a vocal and loyal set of gun-owning voters.…


Donald Trump: 2nd Amendment savior?

Donald Trump made an address on Friday to the NRA membership in an effort to tidy up the loose ends of securing a Republican presidential bid. The address is a standard feature of presidential candidates who appeal to a constituency that is considered necessary for a successful White House bid. Even Democratic candidates make offers of peace to the…

Pistol on the flag.

Crossfire Holsters: Testimonial

To look at an impressive gun collection, it’s easy to forget that the firearm is just one piece of the collection process. With each gun there are usually several accessories needed to fully optimize it and all that cost comes before even considering the cost of holstering. One moment every owner has experienced is disappointment…

2nd Amendment Saves lives

Real Talk on America’s Gun Culture

America was born from men’s desire to be free. It’s called ‘Land of the Free’ for good reason. Our founding fathers designed the U.S. Constitution to protect the individual freedoms of American citizens, because they knew firsthand how it felt to be ruled by a distant and detached government. British Parliament—a few hundred old men…


Right to Arms Lessons from Benjamin Franklin

“Those willing to give up liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both.” Benjamin Franklin, having helped deliver this nation into the world and held its hand during its infancy, had a vision for its great future. He and the other founding fathers designed our Constitution so that American citizens would have both the…

A WWE holds a machine gun.

Women at Arms: Crossfire Holster Designsfor Ladies

Thinking that you’re alone in noticing a trend in more women shooting, owning and collecting guns? Crossfire has too. And Crossfire has not only noticed, it’s responded with a line of products and them in mind. At local retailers and online, Crossfire carries 4 holsters that feature an ultra-low profile and stylish design. Women have…


Has Society “Evolved” Beyond the 2nd Amendment?

Advocates for gun control have one answer and one answer only for why the 2nd Amendment in their opinion does not support an interpretation that allows for less Federal regulation rather than more. Ask a hundred and to a person you’ll hear in response “a well regulated militia”. The argument being that the amendment only…