Let’s Clear Up a Few Things Pt. 1

Gun control is at the fore of political discourse once again. Which does not mean that educated debate is occurring. It means misinformation and ignorance are being spewed in order to gain political points. On both sides. We who are opposed to restricting the second amendment are just as guilty of giving in to the…


Gear Review: Crossfire Women’s Line

Designed with versatility and fashion at the fore, the Women’s Line from Crossfire Gear consists of four excellent options for a variety of lifestyles. While the goal is concealment, these holsters still come with different fabric patterns for when you want to show off a bit. Whether rushing from meeting to meeting or out on…


As Election Approaches, Call Your Representatives

We live in a world in which loud voices crowd out the reasonable ones. News stations and websites feature the stories and opinions which are going to result in the most views or clicks. It’s why there’s been a recent surge in articles with titles such as “Dear Gun Nuts” and “Ten Things Gun Owners…


What to tell your tailor

For those of us who began carrying without someone to show us the ropes, finding ways to live up to the concealment half of “concealed carry” was an awkward process. Decreasing printing, or the imprint of the gun and holster that can be seen through fabric, was a difficult process. There were moments when friends…

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So Say the States

As much as advocates for the other side would love to have you believe otherwise, the idea that an American’s right to bear arms should be limited is still a somewhat recent development. When our nation was founded, there was only one reason a government would want to take away the rights of its citizens…

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Let’s Talk About False Flags

We find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented election season. But as we head towards the general election in November, it is clear that even amidst such upheaval, one thing will remain certain. Political pandering. The attempt to say whatever it takes to win your vote. And with 73 percent of the United States…


Shooting Ranges Becoming More Popular than Ever

Not so long ago, local shooting ranges began to look like ghost towns in the old western films. Their attendance was sinking and regulars were coming less as they grew older. The sport of target shooting was extinguishing. Then, seemingly from nowhere, the resurgence came. Ranges started filling up, waitlists got longer, and manufacturers once…