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So Say the States

As much as advocates for the other side would love to have you believe otherwise, the idea that an American’s right to bear arms should be limited is still a somewhat recent development. When our nation was founded, there was only one reason a government would want to take away the rights of its citizens…


Donald Trump: 2nd Amendment savior?

Donald Trump made an address on Friday to the NRA membership in an effort to tidy up the loose ends of securing a Republican presidential bid. The address is a standard feature of presidential candidates who appeal to a constituency that is considered necessary for a successful White House bid. Even Democratic candidates make offers of peace to the…

Pistol on the flag.

Crossfire Holsters: Testimonial

To look at an impressive gun collection, it’s easy to forget that the firearm is just one piece of the collection process. With each gun there are usually several accessories needed to fully optimize it and all that cost comes before even considering the cost of holstering. One moment every owner has experienced is disappointment…


Crossfire Attends 2nd Annual Tac Expo

Crossfire is proud to announce our attendance at the 2nd annual Tac Expo organized by our neighbors at Forward Movement Training Center. Doors will open on Saturday 3/26 at 9am for first responders and Forward Movement Training members and for general admission at 10am. Also at 10am Channel 7 news will be on location for…