4 Ballot Measures to Watch

Second amendment rights are facing the possibility of a huge setback in the 2016 election. After congress has repeatedly fought and won against the anti-gun lobbyists, groups such as Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety are focusing their efforts on individual state ballot initiatives. They plan to use the money of the billionaires in New York…

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6 Worst States for Gun Rights

With ballot measures in many states focusing on gun rights and gun control this November, there is no better time to research how your state approaches firearm regulations. While some states ensure that the right is explicitly protected in their constitution, others don’t offer such a safeguard. It is important to remember that the power…


Third Parties on the Second Amendment

It seems nearly inevitable that the next president of the United States is going to be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. But as an electorate in a free society it is important that we stay as informed and educated as possible so that when election day comes we know exactly how to vote in order…


Why You Should Call

We live in a world in which loud voices crowd often out the reasonable ones. News stations and websites feature the stories and opinions which they think will result in the most views or clicks. This so called “click bait” is designed to invoke a strong emotional response and compel users to take action. It’s…

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So Say the States

As much as advocates for the other side would love to have you believe otherwise, the idea that an American’s right to bear arms should be limited is still a somewhat recent development. When our nation was founded, there was only one reason a government would want to take away the rights of its citizens…

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Let’s Talk About False Flags

We find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented election season. But as we head towards the general election in November, it is clear that even amidst such upheaval, one thing will remain certain. Political pandering. The attempt to say whatever it takes to win your vote. And with 73 percent of the United States…


Can the NRA and gun owners rally for Trump?

The NRA has been somewhat reluctant to fall in line behind a Republican presidential candidate offering instead tepid endorsements of Donald Trump prior to his emergence as the party’s front-runner. On Friday, NRA membership was host to Trump who was making his first serious efforts at rallying a vocal and loyal set of gun-owning voters.…