Gear Review – The Cyclone

It can be difficult to carry a firearm if you live an active lifestyle. Finding a holster that is not only comfortable but fits securely is a often challenge. When work starts to feel like a whirlwind of activity, gun owners choose to leave the firearm at home rather than deal with the hassle of concealing…


Gear Review: Crossfire Women’s Line

Designed with versatility and fashion at the fore, the Women’s Line from Crossfire Gear consists of four excellent options for a variety of lifestyles. While the goal is concealment, these holsters still come with different fabric patterns for when you want to show off a bit. Whether rushing from meeting to meeting or out on…

A WWE holds a machine gun.

Women at Arms: Crossfire Holster Designsfor Ladies

Thinking that you’re alone in noticing a trend in more women shooting, owning and collecting guns? Crossfire has too. And Crossfire has not only noticed, it’s responded with a line of products and them in mind. At local retailers and online, Crossfire carries 4 holsters that feature an ultra-low profile and stylish design. Women have…


Crossfire Gear: The Undercover Holster

When it’s time to pick out a holster, how do you decide? The very purpose of concealed carrying is to be prepared at a moment’s notice should the worst situation arise. If that time presents itself, several holster qualities come into play: reliability, comfort, versatility, and concealability.  When deciding what holster you’re going to put your…


The Holster is as Meaningful as the Gun

The 2nd Amendment is often reductively summarized as the constitutional “right to bear arms.”  Cast in these terms, debates over 2nd Amendment rights would seem to center on the physical fact and spectacle of holding and owning a gun.  When debates over 2nd Amendment rights receive news coverage, the media commonly showcases various images of (usually) men holstering guns, often while attending a…