Crossfire Attends 2nd Annual Tac Expo

Crossfire is proud to announce our attendance at the 2nd annual Tac Expo organized by our neighbors at Forward Movement Training Center. Doors will open on Saturday 3/26 at 9am for first responders and Forward Movement Training members and for general admission at 10am. Also at 10am Channel 7 news will be on location for…


The Presidential Candidates on Gun Rights

The Trump campaign all but swept Super Tuesday. Kasich did manage to win 66 of his swing-state’s delegate count. However, besides Ohio’s all-or-nothing portioning of delegates to a campaign on life support there is no refutation to the assumption by most pollsters and pundits that the election is down to Trump and Clinton. That means…

2nd Amendment Saves lives

Concealed Carry: A Life-Saving Right

She woke in the night, half in a dream, blinded by the flash of light bouncing through her bedroom window. Police helicopters—she thought.  She had grown used to them: Searchlights shot across the skyline at night, projecting—as if out of nowhere—from the heavy, rhythmic thumping of unseen blades.   That summer, home invasions were a…


Crossfire Gear: The Undercover Holster

When it’s time to pick out a holster, how do you decide? The very purpose of concealed carrying is to be prepared at a moment’s notice should the worst situation arise. If that time presents itself, several holster qualities come into play: reliability, comfort, versatility, and concealability.  When deciding what holster you’re going to put your…